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Updated Gmail and Calendar for iPhone

updated-gmail-and-google-calendar-for-iphoneUpdates Mobile Gmail for iPhone

Google has released an updated version of its Gmail for Mobiles. The updates Gmail features a number of improvements including the offline feature. With the new Mobile Gmail for iPhone you can browse you already viewed messages offline and this all happens with the Google released updated versions of their Gmail and Calendar web app for iPhone yesterday which includes number of improvements including the offline feature thanks to Gears integration in the new system architecture.

New features include:

  • Faster performance
  • Limited offline support
  • The search bar is at the top make it easier to search through your Gmail inbox
  • New floating menu bar
  • Improved look and feel of messages

Watch the video Below:

Updated Mobile Google Calendar on iPhone

With the new version of Gmail Mobile for the iPhone there also comes an updated mobile version of Google Calendar introducing almost the same technology. In the older version users were able to view appointments and adding new appointments in a natural language interface.The new version comes with a more typical appointment entry interface.

New Google Calendar for iPhone

New Google Calendar for iPhone

With the new Google Calendar for iPhone you can edit your appointments, indeed a great new feature. other features of Google Calendar for iPhone includes:

  • ability to edit existing appointments
  • invite other people to events
  • ability to manage appointment invitations and attendance statuses

Google Calendar also features the offline availability of Calendar which mean even when you don’t have a network connection, still you will be able to view those appointments that you viewed earlier but can’t be edited.

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