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iPhone Tips: Reset iPhone When Got Hanged

You may have already experienced that while running an iPhone application, it just stops responding and your iPhone hangs there. Most of the iPhone users try to hold down the Home button to reset the phone but it doesn’t work.

Such problem occurs frequently when more iPhone applications are installed. Most of the experienced iPhone users may already know what to do in such situation but what a beginner iPhone user should do? How he/she can reset his/her iPhone when it’s hung?

Simple! You just need to hard reset your iPhone. However, note that resetting the iPhone is not like restoring the iPhone. Restore will erase and wipe out completely all information and data in the device, including songs, musics, videos, contacts, photos, calendar information, call lists, applications installed, any other data. All iPhone settings are restored to factory defaults. Hard Resetting iPhone is simply a forced reboot, where power is cut off from iPhone to restart it from fresh.

To hard reset your iPhone, just press and hold the both Home button and Power/Sleep button at the top, simultaneously. Hold them (usually for 10 seconds) until you see black screen with Apple logo. Now, Let go the both buttons at the same time and your iPhone will restart and work as normal.

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