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Skype for iPhone Comming Next Week?


There are a few VOIP applications available for iPhone but nothing from the house of Skype, which has been highly requested.

Ok, here’s the rumor: Skype is going to release a Skype app for iPhone next week. It would be a good way to kick off the month of April.
This rumor makes sense when we think about the CTIA Wireless launch day i.e. next Wednesday.

No screenshot for this upcoming Skype’s iPhone app is available. Now the questions are:

  • What sort of feature it will have?
  • How the UI will look like?
  • Will it be a fully enabled client for iPhone?
  • What about existing Skype contacts and support to communicate with them?

Let’s wait for a week and see if we could get answers to these questions.

Stay tuned!

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