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Rumors about Next-Generation iPhone

Today there are few rumors being gossiped around. After the availability of iPhone OS 3.0 Beta to developers, Some future Devices IDs were found in iPhone OS 3.0 Beta Firmware and features like Video Camera and faster internet connection are also being rumored about.

Today, AppleInsider said that a video camera would indeed be a part of next-generation iPhone. Some screenshots from iPhone OS 3.0 related to video Camera application are quoted as supportive evidence.

Supporting evidence

Possibly supporting these most recent claims is a screenshot from the beta of iPhone Software 3.0 published by Engadget earlier this week. It shows a MobileMe panel for uploading images conspicuously titled “Publish Video.”

While the gadget publication speculates that this may be nothing more than an interesting typo, AppleInsider was informed of Apple’s plans to include video support on the next-generation iPhone hardware shortly before Tuesday’s introduction of the 3.0 software, and therefore believes the reference is significant and further evidence to this end.

Of course it will support high resolution still images.

It’s also being claimed that upcoming iPhone revision will support faster internet speed. So, iPhone next generation may be considered as pioneer for video transmission over third generation mobile networks. As per unconfirmed report, iPhone next generation will support a 7.2Mbit chipset.

As the new iPhone OS 3.0 is going to be released in Summer and new generation iPhone is also expected in those days, declined in the prices of iPhone 3G would not be surprising because of the new release.

Lets wait and See.

via: AppleInsider
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