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Introduction to iPhone Jargons, Words and Phrases

iPhone Firmware/OS

The software that contains operating system of the iPhone.

You can find all iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G firmwares here:

Download iPhone Firmware Files

How to Check Firmware Version of iPhone

iPhone Activation

When you purchase an iPhone and turn it on, it’s in an inactive state. You will come to a screen showing iTunes logo, a cable and a slide for emergency in different languages. When it’s verified by Apple through iTunes that you have signed up for a phone plan, your iPhone is said to be activated.


iPhone Baseband (iPhone modem firmware)

iPhone is like a PC having a GSM modem. Firmware of this GSM modem in iPhone is called known as Baseband (modem firmware).

How to Check Baseband Version of iPhone

DFU Mode

DFU stands for Device Firmware Update. Unlike Recovery Mode, DFU Mode doesn’t load the firmware/OS currently installed before restore attempt. DFU mode will be considered as a last resort to restore if a restore using Recovery Mode doesn’t work and you are getting error while restoring you device.

How to Put iPhone into DFU Mode

iPhone SpringBoard

Wikipedia says:

Springboard is the standard application that manages the iPhone and iPod touch home screen. As of iPhone firmware 1.1.3, SpringBoard looks for applications in the /Applications directory of the iPhone’s filesystem.

With Apple’s release of 1.1.3 and the January App Pack the springboard went through some changes. Holding a finger on any application for a few seconds causes all of the icons to wiggle. From this view, you can rearrange your icons, delete WebApps and WebClips, and multiple pages can be created by dragging an application to the side of the screen. If the home button is pressed the icons will stop wiggling and apps can be opened again.

How to Customize your iPhone with WinterBoard

JailBreak iPhone

On iPhone, you can install applications only from Apple App Store using iTunes. You can’t install applications from anywhere else, it’s because Apple has locked the files system of iPhone. So, user is unable to browse and make changes in files and applications of the phone.

By Jailbreaking iPhone, file system of iPhone is unlocked and you can make changes to file of your iPhone and install cracked applications on iPhone. While Jailbreaking iPhone, it’s good idea to install Cydia and Installer on iPhone, it makes installing and managing your applications and files an ease. To find out what is Cydia and Installer, continue reading.

Three core benefits of jailbreaking iPhone includes:

  • Modifying look and feel of iPhone (GUI)
  • Install cool application to use cool advanced features like Bluetooth, GPS, Touch Screen, etc
  • Running application in background that apps from Apple App Store does not permit

How to Jailbreak iPhone

Unlock iPhone

On your iPhone, you can use Sim card of that carrier only from whom you have purchased your iPhone. No Sim card else would work on it. Whenever you would try to insert any Sim card else your iPhone will ask you to insert the correct Sim card.

By unlocking iPhone, you can use any Sim card on it. Currently, unlocking is possible for both iPhone 2G and 3G.

How to Unlock iPhone

Cydia and Installer

Cydia and installer are two third party applications that you can install while Jailbreaking your iPhone. These are much like Apple App Store, but Cydia also allows you to install all those applications that are restricted from App Store distribution. On the other hand, Applications installed via Cydia are not that reliable as that of Apple App Store.



Using Tethering feature, you can use internet on your PC or Laptop via bridging with iPhone. On the iPhone OS 3.0 preview day, Apple promised this feature in an future update of the OS. To use this feature, you need to connect your iPhone to your PC via USB/WiFi, run the applications on both iPhone and the PC. and enjoy your iPhone internet connection on your PC.

How to Enable Tethering on iPhone OS 3.0


SSH stands for Secure SHell.

It is just a protocol that allows you to access your iPhone or  iPod Touch from your desktop PC or MAC and execute commands on it (thus allowing you to copy any kind of data to and from the iPhone or  iPod Touch without iTunes). It’s also used for a lot of customization things if you know what you’re doing.

You can use a program like Cyberduck on MAC or WinSCP on Windows and you can browse your iPhone or iPod Touch  like any other hard drive and explore it’s content (which can be very interesting).

How to SSH into iPhone/iPod Touch using WinSCP (Windows)

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