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How to Get iPhone OS 3.0 Features in your iPhone Right Now!

As we all know about iPhone OS 3.0 new Features. On the preview day, Apple announced the availability of this great feature riched iPhone OS 3.0 in Summer. Who can wait that long to get those great features in iPhone?

If you can’t wait till summer to get all new features of iPhone OS 3.0, this post is for you. There are number of 3rd party applications and some from Apple App Store that let you get a number of those new features in your jailbreak iPhones right now.

Ok! Jailbreak iPhone owners, here you go:

Clippy Cydia (Copy and paste Text)

Apple has announced Cut, copy and paste features with undo and redo garnishing in its upcoming iPhone OS 3.0. But, we can get this cool feature limited to just copy and paste using a Cydia application named “Clippy“.


Landscape Keyboard

I then upcoming iPhone OS 3.0, a landscape keyboard is a built-in feature available in key applications, including Mail. Right now, there is no application available that let landscape keyboard to work for all applications. However, BiteSMS, a Cydia based Application, let you type messages in landscape mode. On the other hand, TouchType, an Apple App store application, provides landscape keyboard in email.




For Bluetooth transfers, in Cydia, there are Apps like “iBluetooth” and “SweetTooth”.


Spotlight Search

Apple has introduce a new feature named “Spotlight” and it works similar to Spotlight in OSX. Using Spotlight you can search throughout iPhone contents. Why one should wait till Summer for this cool feature when there is a Cydia application named “QuickGold



Using Tethering feature, you can use internet on your PC or Laptop via bridging with iPhone. On the iPhone OS 3.0 preview day, Apple promised this feature in an future update of the OS. In order to avail this feature right now, PdaNet, a Cydia application, is there for you. Just connect your iPhone to you PC via USB/WiFi, run the applications on both iPhone and the PC. and enjoy your iPhone internet connection on your PC.



Using a $4 App named “Get MMS” from Apple App Store, you can view and save incoming MMS messages. On Cydia side, there is SwirlyMMS. SwirlyMMS is the only native MMS application for the iPhone and is the de-facto standard for sending and receiving MMS on the iPhone to and from any cell phone. You can try SwirlyMMS free of charge for 14 days. Then you need to pay $14 to continue using SwirlyMMS.


Updated Stock App

In iPhone OS 3.0, Apple is going to update its stock app and adding stock related news and additional information. For a stock application App with chart watching you can give Bloomberg (free) a shot. For Additional features and updated Stock App, there are many available at Apple App store.


Voice Memos

Using iPhone OS 3.0, iPhone owners will be able to record, edit and send voice memos via both email and MMS. There is no perfect substitute out there but YouNote let you Draw, text and record audio notes and save then in your iPhone. Evernote, Apple App Store application, let you create audio memos, which can uploaded and saved to the online service.


Turn by Turn

In iPhone OS 3.0, using CoreLocation, developers will be able to make application for turn by turn GPS directions. In order to get GPS feature in your iPhone right now, try xGPS, a Cydia based application that not only features turn by turn GP direction but actually turns your iPhone into a GPS by letting you bookmark locations, Google terrain Maps and English voice instructions.



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