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Apple iPhone – a WarmUp Post

First of all, Welcome to

As the name suggests, this website is all about iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iOS. Me, here at, will share what’s hot! in iPhone, what and how to do crispy stuff with Apple iPhone. I myself own an almost all Apple devices.

Today, before hitting the publish button, I will write a short intro about iPhone from its birth to date. Most of you guys know what’s an iPhone. Still I’m going to write about it for the sake of start up and for those who still don’t know about this sexy piece by Apple ;-).

So, Here we go:

About Apple iPhone, Wikipedia tells us;

The iPhone is an internet-connected multimedia smartphone designed and marketed by Apple Inc. with a flush multi-touch screen and a minimal hardware interface. The device does not have a physical keyboard, so a virtual keyboard is rendered on the touch screen instead. The iPhone functions as a camera phone (including text messaging and visual voicemail), a portable media player (equivalent to an iPod), and Internet client (with email, web browsing, and local Wi-Fi connectivity). The first generation phone hardware was quad-band GSM with EDGE; the second generation also adds UMTS with HSDPA.

Apple announced the iPhone on January 9, 2007. The announcement was preceded by rumors and speculation that circulated for several months. The iPhone was initially introduced in the United States on June 29, 2007. The original iPhone was made available in the UK, France, and Germany in November 2007, and Ireland and Austria in spring of 2008 and has since been introduced worldwide. It was named Time magazine’s “Invention of the Year” in 2007. On July 11, 2008, the iPhone 3G was released. It supports faster 3G data speeds and Assisted GPS.

On July 11, 2008, Apple released the iPhone 3G in twenty-two countries, including the original six.[17] Forty-eight more are expected to follow in the months afterwards.[18] Apple sold 1 million iPhone 3Gs in its first 3 days on sale,[19] enough to overload Apple’s United States iTunes servers.

Apple has released two generations of iPhone to date: iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and rumors are out there about next generation of iPhone.

First generation – iPhone 2G


Second Generation – iPhone 3G


Upcoming Generation of iPhone (Leaked photo)


Some Mockups for upcoming iPhone


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tbeard December 5, 2010, 8:00 am

i love the i phone

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I love i-phone.

iphone February 8, 2011, 9:44 pm

i love iphone

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